Coming soon: The All-in-One Sales Kit

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All-in-One Sales KitOur goals are to help you with yours. So, to save you time while you focus on helping clients find the perfect ancillary solutions, we’ll soon be releasing our All-in-One sales kit. The precise tools for your presentation, easily available and laid out for you to access while on-the-go.

Each carrier, from Delta Dental to Anthem, will have their own dedicated kit on our web portal. Each kit will contain everything from quick selling points, enrollment forms, benefit summaries, flyers, and even our carrier videos you can showcase in your presentation.

That’s the teaser, that’s all you get for now. You’ll need to keep watch here on our blog, your email, or through updates on our twitter presence (CoPowerEasy) for more details regarding the first kit. We’re always working hard ways to make benefits easier for you.