Match the Medical, Strike the Hassle

Mike Brokers, General News

Add VSP Vision to any medical enrollment, hassle free!

We know the heat is on for medical enrollment through this season, and we want to help by providing simple solutions that support your efforts to deliver complete benefit solutions to your clients. That’s why we’re making it easier than ever to add VSP vision to any medical enrollment. It’s quick, it’s easy, and entirely hassle free. Through this unprecedented program, we’re changing the rules for our Employer Sponsored VSP plans!

For a limited time, we’ll:

  • Match the medical employer contribution amount
  • Match the medical employee participation requirement
  • Match the medical employee enrollment

Submission Couldn’t Be Simpler!

Just send us the medical employer application, medical employee census or applications, plus a simple, CoPower “Match the Medical” form. It’s that easy! Plus, your clients will enjoy the warmth of these added benefits:
• VSP plans within this promotion will receive a two-year rate guarantee
• Administration fees will be waived for two years until renewal
• The Match the Medical promotion is valid for 11/1/16, 12/1/16 and 1/1/17 effective dates
• Groups must have 10 or more enrollees
• Only employees enrolled on the medical are allowed to enroll in the VSP plan. Employees are not eligible for
vision coverage unless they are enrolled on the medical plan.
• Medical enrollment must be within 2 months of the vision effective date
Contact your LISI Sales Representative for more information today!