CoPower is Going Green

benny General News

As Earth Day approaches, we at CoPower want to contribute by launching a Go Green initiative. We’re in an office at work, as you are most likely. Looking around, there’s significantly a lot less paper on desks than there was a decade ago. Thinking about the environmental impact of paper — deforestation, air pollution, water pollution etc. — going paperless is probably a good way to make a difference for the Earth. And, it’s cost effective as well as more convenient. What does going paperless mean beyond the obvious? For starters, digitizing and upgrading to PDFs, e-forms, and handy online platforms (though this is probably preaching to the choir).

If you’re not currently aware of Empower, it’s our online administration platform. Empower is available to all CoPower brokers and groups, free of charge. Brokers can instantaneously administer a group’s portfolio — Manage billings/payments, eliminate handwritten forms and faxes, and have every digital form you need at your fingertips.

Register and check out our Training Videos to get started with Empower today.