Perks Matter

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While many employers are looking to decrease expenses, (especially as they relate to employee benefit packages), employees are looking for more perks in the workplace. Offering CoPower can help employers bridge the gap and retain top talent.

According to a 2016 Employment Confidence Survey conducted by Glassdoor, almost half of the employees in the United States expect a pay raise in the next 12 months and more than 50% of employees are confident that if they lost their job, they would be able to find a new one. These statistics suggest that offering richer benefit packages can help employers remain attractive and competitive in the job market.

CoPower offers a variety of ancillary packages with the advantage of free perks. They even offer customizable options that are designed to fit any budget. CoPower’s VANTAGE portfolio is added to every account – at no added cost. These powerful perks include access to free or discounted services including wellness programs, discount prescription cards, and recreational coupons.

The perks really do matter! Talk to your brokers today about bridging the gap with CoPower.

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