1.What is CoPower?

CoPower Inc. offers administrative services that provide you with a broad range of benefit administration capabilities.

CoPower’s ancillary plans include Delta Dental of California, Vision Service Plan (VSP), UNUM, MetLife, and CoPower ONE. As a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) for these plans, CoPower provides the pricing benefits of a large group pool with the personal style of a small company. We administer ancillary benefits for more than 5,800 groups, covering more than 200,000 individuals.

2.How do CoPower and General Agencies (GA) work together?

General Agencies are responsible for the sale and underwriting of CoPower products, while CoPower is responsible for billing those groups sold through the GA and providing carriers with a list of eligible, enrolled employees. In addition, CoPower provides customer service to the broker, employer and employee. Furthermore, CoPower’s Inside Sales department provides brokers with pre-sales support for our full line of products. You may contact the Inside Sales team for assistance at 888-920-2322 Option 5.

Dental, Vision, Life, and Long-Term Disability

3.What is the address to send a payment?

Checks should be made payable to “CoPower” and sent with payment coupon to:

Dept. 34604
P.O. Box 39000
San Francisco, CA 94139
***Do not send correspondence to this PO Box address. ***

Groups may also sign up for AutoPay to have their premium automatically debited from their account each month. To do so, fill out the Employer AutoPay Authorization Form, send the form and a void check to, and enjoy payment peace of mind!

If your group is in danger of cancellation or you need to overnight a payment, you may either fill out the Onetime Direct Debit Authorization form and have the payment automatically debited from your account.

4.Who should be contacted for assistance?
Issue CoPower Carrier Broker
Need supplies for your employees?
Questions about eligibility?
Questions about your invoice or payment?
Interested in upgrading or changing your benefits?
Locating a local Dentist or Optometrist?
Questions about claims?
5. When are payments due and when is a late fee applied?

Payments are due on the first day of the month of coverage. There is a $20 late fee if the payment is not received by the 5th of the covered month or if the balance due is not paid in full.

6.Where do groups send completed application and/or termination forms?

Due to the time sensitive nature of these documents, forms and applications should be faxed immediately to 650-348-1149, or scanned and emailed securely to

7.Who should groups contact for plan, service and billing questions?

Groups should contact their Group Service Representatives (GSR) if they have a question about their plan.

Name Extension Responsibility
Jacques Lafleur Ext. 1748 Groups A, K-R
Wendy Baylo Ext. 1744 Groups B, S-Z
Isabel Mendoza Ext. 1754 Groups C-J
Tyler Thomas Ext. 1736 Groups Numeric
8.Is there Open Enrollment?

As of January 2012, your company may qualify for Delta Dental Open Enrollment. Only companies with pre-tax Sec. 125 or POP plans qualify. If your plan is 100% employer-paid, it does not qualify for Open Enrollment. Open Enrollment only applies to CoPower SELECT dental plans. There is NO Open Enrollment for Delta Dental Choice plans and CoPower ONE plans. If you have questions about your group’s eligibility for Open Enrollment, please email or call 888-920-2322.

9.What happens if an employee did not enroll his/her dependents when the employee first
enrolled but now wants the dependents enrolled? Can they come on at Open Enrollment?

For Delta Dental plans, employees whose groups qualify for Open Enrollment (see FAQ #8) may add their dependents at Open Enrollment ONLY IF they are adding ALL dependents at that time (qualifying events excluded). All inquiries concerning Delta Dental Open Enrollment and/or late enrollee issues should be sent directly to a CoPower Group Service Representative.

10.What is the difference between Cal-COBRA and Federal COBRA?

For groups with 2-19 employees for at least 50% of the prior calendar year.

Visit the CA Department of Insurance Web site for more information.

For groups with 20+ employees for at least 50% of the prior calendar year.

Visit the US Department of Labor Web site for more


CoPower will administer Cal-COBRA unless the employer chooses to administer it.

Employer administers COBRA plan.


Cal-COBRA members pay CoPower directly.

Federal COBRA members pay their Employer directly.

General Broker

11.Who do I contact regarding my broker commissions statement?

Please dial 888.920.2322, option 3 and one of our commission team members can help you.

12.When are commissions processed?

Commissions are paid by CoPower on the 15th of every month. Please allow two to three business days for us to process commissions received by check. If you are signed up with direct deposit, the commission amount should be reflected in your bank account immediately.

13. What should I do if I have not received my commissions for the previous month?

CoPower does not issue checks for commission amounts under $25.00. Any commission below $25.00 will be rolled over to the following month’s commission. This will continue to happen each month until a minimum commission of $25.00 is reached, at which time a check will be issued. To avoid this, you can sign up for direct deposit. By signing up for direct deposit, any commission amount will be deposited into your bank immediately (with no $25.00 minimum).

Another reason you would not receive your commission check is if CoPower does not have your license or TIN number on file. If this could be the case, please contact CoPower so we can set up your account correctly.

14.How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Please send a completed Broker/Agency Direct Deposit Form and a voided check to CoPower via email to or fax to 650-348-1149.

Please allow up to one commission cycle for us to process you request. CoPower will continue to pay your commission via check until direct deposit is in place.

15. What do I need to submit for a Broker of Record (BOR) change?

For a Broker of Record (BOR) change, please have the group submit a letter to CoPower using their corporate letterhead. This letter should indicate that the date of the BOR change is effective.

Please note, all BOR changes received will be effective the 1st of the following month. For example, BOR changes received on 9/15/12 will be effective as of 10/1/12 unless the group letter specifies a different date.

16.How long does it take to process a new BOR?

BOR requests are processed within one to two business days. Missing information, like the Broker/Agency license or TIN, will delay the process. Please ensure this information is provided along with the BOR letter.

17.How do I update my contact information?

Please send CoPower any changes or updated information on the website on the Broker Change Information page, via email to, by or fax to 650-348-1149.