ONE up the Marketplace

ONE up the Marketplace

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What do 3 plans, 1 application and 1 bundle rate add up to? A huge win. With CoPower ONE,™ groups of 2-99 can pick from 10 curated packages for comprehensive coverage at affordable prices with a fixed price per employee. Ancillary offerings, including dental, vision and life, are underwritten by industry leaders like Delta Dental, VSP and Unum. When the offer’s …

Five Ways to be the Best Employer

Five Ways to be the Best Employer (Hint: It’s Not About the Pay)

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It’s simple: A happy employee is a profitable employee. So it’s in the company’s best interest to keep their talent pool engaged, healthy and motivated. Here are five ways to be at the top of the employer game — and some don’t cost a cent. Accessible executives When employees of all levels feel like they can voice their ideas, solutions, …

Heat up the Competition

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The technology boom brought with it fierce competition to attract and retain top talent. Forward-thinking companies are reimagining the compensation package by offering perks like a paid year of parental leave or a $2,000-per-year stipend to travel anywhere in the world. As great as that is, these kinds of offerings are simply not feasible for most companies. But it doesn’t have …

Total Wellness for a Totally Awesome You

Anastasia General News defines “wellness” as “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” The last part is important: actively pursued goal. It is the opposite of complacency, passiveness and indifference. It is a state of mind and a conscious choice to take one’s health into one’s own hands. Empowering, right? What if people’s career and wellness …

Empower: 24/7 Access to All Your Ancillary Needs

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CoPower’s online administration system, Empower, enables you to administer plans, manage bills and payments, stay on top of deadlines and so much more — 24/7. Get around-the-clock access Receive instantaneous processing Stay up-to-date on the latest CoPower news Stay on top of every deadline and necessary form with alerts Eliminate handwritten forms and faxes Get easy access to forms, benefit …

Treating Our Clients Like People Since 1995

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Customer service isn’t what it used to be. Nowadays, placing a call to a company means going down the dark path of pressing the dial key (“Press 1 for…”) in hopes of speaking to an actual person…only to hear a brand new menu option and finally be placed on hold. CoPower is different. Our clients are paired with a dedicated …

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Reliable and Affordable? Count on Us.

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Give your clients the reliability they can count on with CoPower’s full-rated renewals. Our diverse portfolio of products provides a variety of customizable solutions designed to meet the needs of every client, with attractive rates to match! Regardless of group size, your clients will benefit from our stable, pool-rated renewals. Our 2018 products for new groups feature a rate pass, which includes a …

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Choosing Voluntary? Choose CoPower.

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Fact: Groups as small as two are eligible for large company benefits with CoPower’s exclusive ancillary plans. That’s not all. With CoPower, employers don’t have to settle for less. Your clients have access to a breadth of voluntary options that are budget-friendly without compromise. We offer voluntary plans: for every major line of coverage — from most of our carriers1,2 …

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See further. Smile more. Live better.

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It’s no secret that happy employees create better companies, both in the organizations’ bottom line and in their contribution to society. So what makes for a happy, and therefore more engaged, employee? One word: benefits. That’s why CoPower’s mission is to empower organizations to build a fulfilled, productive workforce without breaking the bank. CoPower sees further. CoPower understands that to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing …