Five Ways to be the Best Employer

Five Ways to be the Best Employer (Hint: It’s Not About the Pay)

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It’s simple: A happy employee is a profitable employee. So it’s in the company’s best interest to keep their talent pool engaged, healthy and motivated. Here are five ways to be at the top of the employer game — and some don’t cost a cent.

Accessible executives

When employees of all levels feel like they can voice their ideas, solutions, or challenges to those who are making the important calls in the company, they are more likely to feel valued. Making executives more accessible to lower-level employees does not have to mean abandoning the hierarchy; even small gestures like “office hours” to talk to employees go a long way.

A creative work environment

“Creative” isn’t limited to graphic designers or screenwriters. It means thinking outside the box and taking smart risks to drive the organization forward. Cultivating a creative work environment means encouraging employees to challenge themselves and the status quo without fear of consequence.

A strong network

Expanding one’s professional community is energizing. It’s an outlet for like-minded individuals to share passions and build on ideas. Whether there’s a way to connect employees in the company through the intranet or a private group on LinkedIn, it will create a sense of solidarity that can keep the employee morale up.

Employee development

There is much value in career development, whether it’s to sharpen hard or improve on soft skills. If the employee is constantly learning, then he or she is most likely engaged. If it’s not in the company budget to pay for a formal education or online courses, then setting up an internal mentorship program can help.

A culture of wellness

Building a culture of wellness means recognizing what employees need to feel good—inside and out. And it starts as early as the offer letter. Does the compensation package include benefits that support health in its totality, which includes ancillary benefits like dental, vision, life, etc.? Offering these things can make all the difference, from the kind of talent a company attracts to how engaged and committed that talent is.

So there you have it! In what other ways can employers develop and support their workforce?