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How to Boost Vision Plan Enrollment from Younger Workers

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Younger workers are the least likely to enroll in vision plans, according to a recent survey by Transitions Optical. Many just don’t understand the importance of vision benefits or what their plan covers. Here is how vision plan participation breaks out by age group:

• 50% of Gen Z employees: up to age 23
• 75% of Millennials: ages 24 to 38
• 80% of Gen X employees: ages 39 to 53
• 84% of Baby Boomers: ages 54 to 72

There are two key strategies to inspire younger workers to sign up for vision plans — offer education and present premium lens options.

Educate Younger Workers
Fifty-six percent of Millennial workers say they would be much more likely to use their vision benefits if they understood them compared to 49% of all employees. Millennials are more likely to assume that they can just get a vision screening from their primary care doctor instead of going to an eye care professional for a comprehensive eye exam. More than half of all employees would be more likely to enroll in their company’s vision plan if they knew that comprehensive eye exams can detect serious health issues in their early stages, according to the survey. When employees understand their benefits, they also appreciate their employers. Ninety-eight percent of employee say that, by offering vision benefits, a company demonstrates that they care about their employees’ well-being.

Explain Premium Lens Options
Premium lens options can add sparkle to a vision plan. Eighty percent of employees say they’re more likely to enroll in a vision plan if it covers premium eyewear options, such as anti-reflective treatments, photochromatic lenses, blue light protection and UV protection. Ninety-two percent of employees say they would be more likely to schedule an eye exam if their vision plan covered at least one premium lens option. Premium vision coverage can help retain younger workers who are notorious job hoppers. Nearly half of Millennial workers strongly agree that they’d be more likely to stay at a company that offers premium vision coverage.

Fortunately for your groups, you can offer a VSP vision plan through CoPower,™ Younger employees will appreciate choosing frames from some of the biggest designers. There are also options for those who want premium lenses. For example, through CoPower, you can offer the VSP Core Signature Affiliate Plan C $0/$20, which covers Transitions photochromatic lenses.

To learn more, contact your LISI Regional Sales Manager.