Enjoy Payment Peace of Mind with CoPower’s VSP AutoPay Offer!

What’s AutoPay?

AutoPay (direct debit) is a secure, easy, convenient way to pay your monthly CoPower premium payments. Simply provide us with your banking information, and CoPower will automatically debit your premium from your account each month. You’ll never forget to make another payment. It’s that easy!


How Do I Qualify for the Offer?

New VSP groups who sign up for AutoPay at enrollment will have their VSP administration fee waived for three consecutive months! To sign up, please complete and submit the CoPower SELECT Employer Application. Be sure to fill out the “Ongoing payments” section at the top of page 3 and include both the first month’s premium payment and a voided check with your application.

Once you apply for AutoPay, please allow up to one billing cycle for CoPower to process your request. Please continue to submit your payments (admin fee included) by check until your invoice indicates that the amount due will be debited from your account. At this time, your VSP admin fee will be waived. In order for this offer to be valid, you must remain on AutoPay for 12 months.


View the AutoPay Offer Flyer