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How to Boost Enrollment with Effective Benefit Communications

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One of the biggest enrollment challenges is communicating effectively so that employees understand and appreciate their benefit options. Too often, communications fall short. Employees say these are their top frustrations with open enrollment, according to a survey by Namely: 34% say there are constant changes and choices. 19% say the materials are full of jargon and are hard to understand. …

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Dental and Vision Benefits: The Secret Weapons to Lowering Medical Costs

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Many employers see dental and vision coverage only as nice-to-have benefits in a tight labor market. But offering dental and vision can also reduce health care costs. Eye exams and dental exams can uncover diseases early, reducing the chances that a patient will need a more serious and costly medical intervention. Dental Benefits Poor oral health can lead to problems …

Perks Matter

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While many employers are looking to decrease expenses, (especially as they relate to employee benefit packages), employees are looking for more perks in the workplace. Offering CoPower can help employers bridge the gap and retain top talent. According to a 2016 Employment Confidence Survey conducted by Glassdoor, almost half of the employees in the United States expect a pay raise …