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Online Administration 24/7/365

For online administration, login to Empower by visiting:
For express activation, email or contact your CSR.
Visit to download enrollment and termination forms. Please send completed forms via:

Customer Success Representatives

If you need assistance with basic administrative tasks, such as enrollments, terminations, billings and payments – please call CoPower at 888.920.2322. Use the extension number shown below for your particular employer name. For example, a group name starting with the letters A-E would call 888.920.2322, extension 1801. CoPower is open Monday through Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM PST.

Customer Success Representatives
Tami Nguyen Groups A-E Ext. 1801
Jameelah Abreu Groups F-K Ext. 1802
Tiffiany Bumpers Groups L-O Ext. 1803
Daniel Warner Groups P-S Ext. 1804
Ashley Park Groups T-W and Numeric Ext. 1808
Wendy Baylo Groups X-Z Ext. 1805

Broker and Sales Support

Rodney Mattos Regional Sales Manager Ext. 1717
Jason Diffenauer Sales Account Manager Ext. 1731

Carrier Contact Information

Delta Dental of California 888.335.8227
DeltaCare® USA 800.422.4234
Landmark 800.298.4875
MetLife 800.275.4638
UnitedHealthcare 888.571.5218
Unum Life 866.679.3054
Unum LTD 877.854.7637
VSP 800.877.7195