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Please call 888.920.2322, followed by the extension assigned to your group, if you need assistance with billing, eligibility, or verifying terminations. You can also contact us via email and phone! CoPower is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

Group Service Representatives
Chris Braley Joe Pineda Patricia Trujillo Wendy Baylo
Groups #, A-D Groups E-M Groups N-S Groups T-Z
Ext. 1801 Ext. 1802 Ext. 1804 Ext. 1805
Broker and Sales Support
Lope Piamonte Erik Buckalew Mark Oleary
BOR Inquiries Commission Inquiries Senior Sales Manager
Ext. 8021 Ext. 8021 Ext. 1797

For online administration, visit our Empower portal.

For express Empower activation, email or contact your GSR.

Visit our Forms Page to download enrollment and termination forms. Please send completed forms via:

For a portable, printer-friendly contact sheet, please download our CoPower Customer Service & Carrier Contact List.