Delta Dental Exciting New Plans and Features

We are excited to announce that the new Delta Small Business Plans portfolio will be effective on January 1, 2021. The Delta portfolio for 2021 is completely revised. Groups effective 2021 will need to select a plan from this portfolio. 

The revised portfolio comes with exciting new offerings:

  • Simplified PPOs: Deluxe, Advantage, and Core
  • New $3,000 annual maximum available with Deluxe plans
  • Coverage on posterior composites on all plans
  • Child-only orthodontics available with 5 enrolled or more under new Deluxe and Advantage plans
  • New adult and child orthodontic coverage options with Deluxe plans (group size restrictions apply)
  • Employer-paid plan designs available to employers contributing a minimum of 50% for employees
  • New dual option PPO plan options 
  • Full census accepted in place of the DE-9C
  • 3 new and simplified DeltaCare HMO plans
  • Participation & Contributions: 
PPO Contribution PPO Participation
0%–49% (voluntary) A minimum of five eligible employees must enroll (two for groups with 2–4 eligible employees)
50%–74% The greater of 50% or five must enroll (two for groups with 2-4 eligible employees)
75%–99% The greater with 75% or five must enroll (two for groups with 2-4 eligible employees)
100% All eligible employees must enroll


HMO Contribution HMO Participation
0%–99% A minimum of two eligible employees must enroll
100% All eligible employees must enroll

For more information, please contact:
Rodney Mattos
CoPower Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 916.261.9280
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Jason Diffenauer
CoPower Sales Account Manager
Phone: 650.931.1731


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